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Author: Martin


A beautiful presentation of virtually unknown church music from late 1600 and early 1700 originating in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, known as the Ostsee (the Eastern Sea). The outstanding young ensemble Trondheim Barokk interpret music by three colleagues who all were a part of this musical landscape – although at different times. All three composers received their practical training in music as children in Saxony, spending significant parts of their careers in the Ostsee area working between the cities Lübeck, Copenhagen, Christiania and Stockholm. Georg von Bertouch was an officer in the Danish army, and the commander...

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No longer content with sovereignly presiding in the Church, in the Royal Palace and at the Concert Spirituel, at the end of the 18th century, music also appropriates an increasingly popular literary genre of the age: the novel. Books, then, become the unexpected supporting medium for the practise of music. Might this be the ancestor of all audiovisual objects? This is, at least, the conviction of Trondheim Barokk and its director Martin Wåhlberg. With Norwegian soprano Berit Solset.   GRETRY: Air de la Fauvette MAYER: Rosier, rosier DEVIENNE: Chant de Pedro, Hymne de la mort, Chant de guerre d’Abenhamet...

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Barbe-Bleue CD release

Orkester Nord’s recording of Grétry’s masterpiece Barbe Bleue is now out. Premiered just a few months before the French Revolution, and fallen into oblivion since, Raoul Barbe-bleue is an unclassifiable opéra comique. The work is a landmark work in the history of European opera. It was Wagner’s first experience of opera. Recorded in the beautiful theater in Trondheim (Norway) with a brilliant cast, under Martin Wahlberg’s direction, Raoul Barbe-bleue reveals a considerable richness that will certainly strike both the neophyte and the specialist. Listen on Spotify CD available here.   Performers Orkester Nord Martin Wahlberg Chantal Santon-Jeffery François Rougier Matthieu...

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