“Apocalypse” receives five “Diapasons” and nearly touches the full score of the prestigious “Diapason d’or” in the recent review in the highly influential French magazine Diapason in its Mars edition of 2016!

Freshness and musical drive, “dancing on the alliterations”
The review, signed by French critic Sophie Roughol, especially highlights the freshness of the approach and Trondheim Barokk’s lively musical drive, “dancing on the alliterations”, in these Bachs cantatas that are among Bach’s most famous and exuberant works alongside the Christmast Oratorio and his Magnificat.

The record label K617, famous for its many recordings of Latin-American baroque music turns towards the North of Europe with this recording, Roughol explains, but, as she adds, “au Nord, ca chauffe” (lit. in the North, things get hot). Trondheim Barokk’s endeavour with Sigiswald Kuijken and the Norwegian vocale ensemble Vox Nidrosiensis is acclaimed for its inventiveness and unexpected focus on the music of Northern Europe in the more traditional context of Bach’s famous cantatas.

A first class discovery
Roughol is particularly thrilled by the discovery of “Quis hostis in coelis”, a rarely performed work by Swedish baroque composer Geist featured on this recording. This is a work “in the pure tradition of vocal and instrumental battaglias”, she states, concluding with the words “A first class discovery”. Trondheim Barokk and Vox Nidrosiensis are praised for their freshness, their musical drive and their lively performances united “with jubilation and precision” by the “veteran” Sigiswald Kuijken.


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