Musica Sacra del Nord

During the seventeenth century many composers settled in the Nordic countries. One of the main composers in Sweden, Gustav Düben, assembled one of the most impressing collections of sacred music in Europe at the time, counting thousands of titles amongst which many from composers active in the Nordic Countries. The program features some of the most eloquent examples drawn from the Düben collection with texts in various languages used in these parts of Europe, spanning from latin to Swedish and German and with a fascinating mix of Lutheran and catholic contexts. The music is written by composers active in the Nordic countries in the seventeenth century. Alongside some lesser well-known works of Buxtehude, originally from Danish-speaking parts of Northern Germany the program presents some of the most active composers in Sweden during this period, and notably the highly talented Italain composer Vinczo Albrici who spent large parts of his life at the Swedish court.



Poland : Music in Old Krakow Festival

Columbia: Sacred Music Festival Bogota

Norway : Barokkfest Early Music Festival