Orkester Nord’s recording of Grétry’s masterpiece Barbe Bleue is now out. Premiered just a few months before the French Revolution, and fallen into oblivion since, Raoul Barbe-bleue is an unclassifiable opéra comique. The work is a landmark work in the history of European opera. It was Wagner’s first experience of opera. Recorded in the beautiful theater in Trondheim (Norway) with a brilliant cast, under Martin Wahlberg’s direction, Raoul Barbe-bleue reveals a considerable richness that will certainly strike both the neophyte and the specialist.

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Orkester Nord
Martin Wahlberg
Chantal Santon-Jeffery
François Rougier
Matthieu Lécroart
Manuel Núñez Camelino
Eugénie Lefebvre
Enguerrand de Hys
Jérôme Boutillier
Marine Lafdal-Franc